Ask for a second opinion

How to proceed:

Act Medicare team takes over the medical documents of the patient. They are sent to partner clinics. The specialty medical boards review the documentation and issue a second medical opinion. In case the existing documentation is conclusive, the doctors shall communicate an action plan applicable in the medical institution in which they carry out their activity (hospital outside Romania). The medical opinion shall be sent in English, therefore, upon request, Act Medicare shall make the translation into Romanian. Translation of medical report by experienced medical translator Mirela Gheorghiu 0722446004


In case a treatment plan is necessary and the patient is proposed for hospital admission, the medical opinion shall be also accompanied by the estimative costs of hospitalization, afferent investigations and prescribed therapeutic action. If the patient takes the decision to travel outside the country in order to follow the treatment in the hospital from which he/she received a second opinion, Act Medicare team shall prepare the admission.

Admission and transportation:

Act Medicare team ensures the admission of the patient in the hospital (admission date or appointment for consultation, if direct hospitalization is not imposed). Also, hotel reservation can also be made. In case the patient is stable, he/she shall travel by plane, private car or train. If his/her condition does not allow it, Act Medicare shall ensure transportation with the ambulance or a special medical plane. Act Medicare shall be permanently in contact with the doctor who is in charge of the case, but also with the International Relations Department of the clinic. After treatment, if it is necessary to return to the hospital for re-examination, Act Medicare can administrate the case.